Design Containers, Inc. provides an economical Packaging System used throughout the world for roofing asphalt (bitumen), crack fillers, coal tar, pipe coatings, sealants and adhesives.

Drum Construction:

* Kraft liner for ample strength to resist rough handling
* Allows outdoor storage of filled drums
* Multiple layer stacking
* Silicone coated for quick contents release
* Inside yellow filler coat for visible fill height
* Easy disposal of used containers

Bottom Construction:

* Steel for strength and durability
* Siliconed for quick release

Our Cost Effective Packaging Cartons are:

* Durable and easy to handle
* Shipped knocked down (KD)
* Saving on shipping and packaging costs
* Stored flat saving warehouse space
* Assembled on site as needed
* Available in multiple grades and sizes
* Printed with logos to your specifications

Drums knocked down flat and shrink wrapped for shipping.

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Bottoms boxed and shrink wrapped for shipping.

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