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Design Containers is thhe world leader in the supply of containers for built up roofing asphalt. Design Containers, Inc. and our affiliated Company, Design Overseas Trading Corporation are the world leaders in the supply of containers for roofing asphalt (bitumen).

The container is also used for other products such as crack fillers, coal tar, pipe coatings, sealants and adhesives. The container can also be used for products with a wider range of specifications.

Design Containers, Inc. provides to the customer an assembly machine designed, patented and manufactured by Design Containers, Inc. which is used to make up the containers as needed for production. This method greatly reduces shipping cost and storage space.

We bring our experience from the roofing asphalt industry worldwide and use this expertise to enable our customers to install low cost automated asphalt pouring systems of the customers’ design that utilize our cost effective package. Please take a moment to browse our site. We welcome your comments and questions.

Design Containers, Inc.
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